The green energy is changing the ways of our life.
we are devoted to keeping bringing innovations into battery solutions to make it more intelligent, more reliable and more flexible.

Vestwoods is dedicated to bringing new ideas into green energy field with new technologies of intelligent lithium battery, cloud service and all related material science and IOT tech. 

We believe products such as ESS solution, mobile charging station will bring great changes on the ways of our life in the near future.

Our team is ambitious and innovative with affluent experience in marketing and R&D.

Our culture is: Be creative to hug the world, be self-encouraged to change the world.

Our products and service have been applied in US, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Euro, South Africa, etc. We work together with our local partners to provide the one-stop service.

ESS solution
ESS solution
Provide innovative and well-placed solution for every customer
Battery Swapping Station
We manage to improve the work efficiency of logistics industry and the citizens’ living standards with innovative green energy solution.
UPS Backup Battery Solution
To fulfill commitment in providing reliable backup solution for world-class IT services.
Telecom Backup Battery Solution
Providing reliable and long-life backup power solution, which can meet all need of telecom network of all-grid conditions.