Commercial & Industrial ESS Solution
Minimize carbon footprint, improve business resilience and reduce electricity costs: Vestwoods' utility-grade ESS solution is the perfect partner for solar generation system.

Vestwoods’ commercial and industrial energy storage system solution of flexible modular design can be easily customized to meet diverse customers' requirements and it has obtained many international safety certificates. Till now, Vestwoods has a lot of successful cases of commercial and industrial ESS solutions from kW-scale to GW-scale all around the world.

Benefits of Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage System
Energy generation and consumption are driven by three powerful trends: the arrival of increasingly affordable distributed power technologies, decarbonization of the world’s electricity network through the introduction of more renewable energy sources, and the emergence of digital technologies.
Peak Shaving +
In energy industry, peak shaving refers to leveling out peaks in electricity use by industrial and commercial power consumers by charging and store power in ESS when the electricity price is the lowest and discharging them to power the appliances at the highest. Advanced technologies of Vestwoods ESS now allow you to manage these excessive energy costs and gain a competitive advantage by significantly reducing your business’s operating expenses.
Frequency Regulation +
Frequency stability of power systems becomes more vulnerable with the increase of solar photovoltaic (PV). So energy storage system provides an option to mitigate the impact of high PV penetration: utilizing commercial and industrial ESS to improve frequency response in high renewable penetration power grids.
Uninterrupted Power +
Commercial and industrial energy storage power supplies are power supplies that can switch over to a battery backup when power outages occur in utility-scale areas. When a drop in voltage occurs, the UPS detects it and switches over to battery backup. Which allow you to continue normal business functions and will protect data from corruption caused by sudden losses of power and improper shutdowns.
Optimize Renewable Energy Assets +
Renewable energy asset owners have been getting used to solar and wind, the two most widely installed renewable energy technologies around the world, while energy storage battery plays an important role in this system. And its popularity is soaring. Energy storage will be the secret to increase asset.
Unlock New Business Value with ESS
Safest LiFePO4 lithium battery material empowers our energy storage system. Safety performance of products with UL1973/IEC62619 certificates has been successfully verified in numbers of actual installations.
Module design for easy and fast installation, remote control operated by one-step visual software initialization.
Wide-range options of packs and racks to satisfy all kinds of applications.
Support IOS/Android APP to monitor whole energy flow in real time for operators based on local or Amazon server.
EV new energy parking lot
Flexli-m is an energy storage system designed for commercial utility-scales needs with so many advantages such as high safety, high magnification and long service life.
Community & convenience stores
This series ESS is also suitable for emergency backup for community residents.
Large Energy Storage System
Flexi-l is an energy storage system designed for power grid requirements with standard modular battery plug-in design, which can be quickly applied in various grid scenarios with so many advantages such as light weight, easy handling, long service life and high safety. Flexi-l is compatible for racks and containers.