Urban Energy
Low speed vehicles play a critical role in urban transportation
In many countries and regions, it is widely used in personal / family daily travel, express delivery, takeout delivery, leasing and distribution.
Traditional fuel two/three wheelers face increasingly severe challenges
The transformation from fuel vehicles to EV is an irreversible trend in the future
Continuous environmental pollution
Air/haze/noise pollution
Continuous energy consumption
Energy conservation and reduction trend
Energy cost
High operation costs
Advantages of Battery swapping mode
Environmental pollution reduction
  • Real time monitoring of 24-hour battery platform
  • Clean energy recycling and zero carbon emission
  • Centralized charging to eliminate hidden personal power use
Convenience and Sustainability
  • 24-hour real time monitoring 
  • Energy supply in all weather, power change at any time
  • Meet the 24-hour continuous use of individual/merchants
Rational assets allocation
  • More efficient echelon recycling
  • Unified maintenance by operators
  • Rent on demand, return as you use
Multi scenario application
  • Widely used in personal / family 
  • Rental of takeout, express delivery and passenger
  • ……
Perfect power exchange network
We have established battery swapping stations in many urban areas and provided 24-hour clean power exchange service for two/three-wheeler users of various industries through SASS platform. We believe that battery swapping stations will bring great changes to human life in the next few years.
More convenient than gas stations
Your closest power supply
Torybear Battery swapping network can rapidly extend around the whole city, to the edge of the subway, hot business circles, distribution routes, and even more remote places. You don't have to wait for charging, and you don't have to worry about the battery’s service life.
Leading user terminals
  • Code scanning / power change record
  • Automatic positioning / one touch navigation
  • Anti theft management
  • Cycling data record
Battery Swapping Station
We match the appropriate power exchange strategy for different regions



『12 bin door / 8 bin door』

It can fit various environments and it complies with gb4943 1-2011、GB4706. 1-2005 and other national standards. The whole machine has the functions of lightning protection and waterproof, explosion-proof and damage prevention, automatic fire extinguishing and cooling, strict prevention of cabinet overheating, automatic power-off alarm, automatic regulation of charging temperature and so on.



It’s available for most of the wheeler types.
High performance lithium battery
Super simple, ultra-smart, ready to go. This is on-demand electric fuel for a new generation of smart vehicles.
Continuous environmental pollution

Over discharge protection

Overcharge protection

Short circuit protection

Temperature protection

Full stop

SOC estimation /SOH estimation

Leakage protection


Battery design

waterproof and dustproof

Multiple induction design, anti falling and anti dismantling

High strength housing design

Selection of high safety cathode materials



Battery abnormality reminder

Anti non charger charging

Current / voltage / temperature detection

Real time self inspection equipment

Discharge certification

Ble, 485 communication function

Positioning function


Safety certification

Overcharge test

Over discharge test

Drop Test

Vibration test

Mechanical impact test



10 ″ fast power exchange
No waiting, ready to go
ToryBear station sites make swapping batteries much easier than ever. It is much cleaner than gas and infinitely faster than charging. And batteries are ready whenever you are. No waiting. No fumes. No fuss.
Unlimited endurance
7x24 24-hour power supply replacement
Whether you are a daily commuter or takeaway / express rider, you can choose the right package from a variety of flexible battery ordering programs to make riding simple and affordable.
High performance lithium battery
We provide you with clean and safe high-performance lithium batteries, and continuously monitor the charge and discharge of the batteries..
Multi scenario
The battery swapping Station is also applicable to three wheelers and various low-speed vehicles
Applied in express delivery, passenger transport, cargo transport such as golf cart, sightseeing car and small four-wheel scooter, it will greatly improve work efficiency.
Easy to replace the battery

More than 30+  countries and regions,with 1 billion user needs


Provide system solutions for massive users, multiple scenarios and instant power change.