UPS back-up power
Vestwoods smart UPS lithium-ion solutions are commercial energy storage systems from 10kWh to 2000kWh, which are composed of lithium-ion batteries connected in series or in parallel. With highlight features of flexible modular design, safety, easy installation and intelligence, Vestwoods smart UPS solution widely protects facilities that requires the constant power supply, such as data centers, IT or telecommunication facilities, medical areas, education and other industries.

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Excellence of Smart Lithium-ion UPS 

Vestwoods smart Lithium-Ion UPS will be the next-generation back-up power device that incorporates lithium batteries in place of traditional lead-acid batteries of various advantages.
series solution
Application scenario: compatible with 1-10kVA UPS, suitable for small-and-medium-sized IT equipment rooms, network communication, rail transit and etc.
series solution
Application scenario: compatible with UPS whose capacity are greater than 10kVA, suitable for data centers, enterprise equipment rooms, highways, network service center and etc.
Much More Choices: Reliable Smart Vestwoods Lithium-ion
UPS Solution for Commercial & Industrial Multi-scenarios